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The human body is designed to be healthy. Throughout life, events occur and our body has two choices: It can either integrate the physical, mental, chemical, emotional or spiritual stress or it can store that experience to be integrated at a later time when the body is willing, ready, and able. Stored experiences eventually become symptoms in the body, thus giving us a lesser quality of life that we deserve. This lifestyle evaluation will uncover the layers of stored experiences in your body from all sources. During the session you will receive advice, recommendations and/or creative projects that will help you get the most out of your therapy, as a participant this will support the balancing of your system and reconnect you to your innate (inborn) health potential!

About Your Sessions

During your sessions Chiropractic education will be implemented as a component. Nevertheless, the healing practice model during therapy will consist of energy work such as, BGI and Reiki. First, is the initial intensive phase, which corrects the most recent layers of stored patterns of tension. This usually reduces or eliminates symptoms. Second, is the reconstructive phase, which corrects the years of stored patterns of tension that have gotten you to where you are now. This is when stabilization is being achieved in the body. It is crucial for you to consciously support the healing process by creating as much daily ease in your body. The better your system can deal with the world’s barrage of information the better you can integrate future experiences and the faster you progress in therapy.

Please do your best to fill out everything on this form. It is important that we understand past and current stressors that may have affected and could possibly continue to affect you physically, emotionally/mentally, chemically, and spiritually. It is important for us to know the following information, even if you feel it does not apply to the reason you came in for therapy. We value your time an aim to provide you the best care possible.

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