The Virtual Studio

The Virtual Studio is an option for participants who would prefer intuitive counsel only and unable to participate in person at our healing studio. This option was originally designed for active participants who are out of state or have conflicting schedules.

Never Underestimate the Power of Empowerment!

Virtual Sessions have become extremely popular and helpful for our wellness participants who only need monthly maintenance checks. This option works best once you have progressed further along your healing journey. It’s essentially convenient and has delivered great remote results!



Mindfulness and bodywork are both major essentials to your overall well-being. The healing sessions here at Divine Spine & Wellness are designed to help you maintain connectivity through integration of both your mind and body awareness. It’s important for the mind and body to establish continuity. This is known as the mind-body-marriage. Yes! Your brain and your body are intimate, in fact, directly connected!

Unlock Your Mind

“Balancing our brain will help balance our world”

Yes! Your thoughts have power! Everything begins initially with a thought first, before it manifests physically. This is why setting intentions are a pivotal factor in manifesting our truest hopes & desires. Virtual Sessions are intuitive counseling sessions offered to establish mindfulness & mental clarity.


What does a virtual session consist of?

Vibe on a Virtual through Zoom or Google Duo!

Convenient and remote Intuitive Counsel


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