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Seeking intuitive counsel? Find it here, without stepping out of your sanctuary.

The Power of Empowerment!

Dive into Divine Spine Wellness’s virtual sessions, designed for those already on their healing journey or those constrained by a busy schedule or live out of state. Experience this transformative wellness trend and advance your healing path—all from the comfort of your home. Achieve profound results, wherever you are.



Mindfulness and bodywork are crucial components for your holistic well-being. At Divine Spine, our healing sessions are meticulously crafted to foster and enhance the harmonious connection between your mind and body.

We believe in nurturing the mind-body marriage, as it allows for a seamless continuity and integration. In fact, your brain and body are intimately linked., creating a direct and powerful connection. Embrace this profound connection and experience the transformative benefits of our holistic healing sessions.

Unlock Your Mind

Absolutely! The power of your thoughts are truly remarkable. Everything originates from our thoughts before it materializes into reality. That’s why setting intentions plays a crucial role in manifesting our deepest hopes and desires.

Our virtual sessions provide empowered intuitive counseling to help you cultivate mindfulness and achieve mental clarity. Embrace the opportunity to unlock the wisdom within and transform your aspirations into reality through the transformative power of virtual sessions.


What does a virtual session consist of?

Vibe on a Virtual!

Remote Intuitive Counsel


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