Meet Dr. Tia

About Me

Holistic Practitioner

  • Doctorate in Chiropractic

  • Doctorate in Divinity

  • Masters in Sports Medicine

  • Bachelors in Biology

  • Spine Specialist

  • Intuitive Health Consultant

  • Fitness Enthusiast

  • Spiritual LIfe Coach

  • Reiki Master

My Why

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What do I stand for?

Nurturance & Nature

I realized at a very young age being of service to others has always been my purpose! As I heal myself through my own intuition, life experiences and sacred techniques; I have always been inspired along my journey to share those practices with others. Through these “Life” experiences, I have healed many ailments, the main ones in particular are multiple obstructions (bile & bladder), hormonal imbalances (endometriosis, cysts, menorrhagia/dysmenorrhea), and pelvic floor misalignments. I've had many health challenges since birth, with that being said,  I've always embraced knowing of my calling, which is to heal myself and others through holistic approaches. I have had the opportunity to heal so many people & pets all over the world through my empowering spirit, healing hands & knowledge of plant power.

What fires me up?

Arts & Sciences

I have always been fascinated by the magic in all of earth’s elements. I'm intrigued by anything natural, mentally stimulating & creative. An eclectic mind and a divergent soul are great ways to describe my spirit! Coming from a performing arts background, my enthusiasm to learn about arts & sciences led me to “Life” University, which allowed me to literally learn about real life and to complete my Chiropractic studies. This is what  initiated my holistic health foundation! I will never forget completing 100’s of hours of clinical skills, and doing community service through internships, health fairs, and metaphysical training/seminars.

What are my dreams?

Love • Balance • Integration

My hopes and desires are to bring positive energy & loving vibrations to the earth and humanity through all natural forces. And much, much more. I dream BIG!

Fun Facts

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Her journey started from the east side of Detroit, MI

    Her first near death experience was 9 months old, where she conquered a small bile obstruction called an intussusception. The scar covered her entire belly.

      She has been a singer her whole life, she went to performing arts schools for middle school and first two years of high school.

        She initially wanted to be a music teacher

          She graduated high school at age 16 

            Moved to Atlanta, GA for college at age 17,
            year of 2006.

              She became a Doctor of Chiropractic at age 24, year of 2013, amongst 2 other health science degrees.

                She’s technically an ordained minister! As well as a Doctor of Metaphysics.

                  She went on many mission trips & practiced with unique Shamans.
                  She built her business out of her Dining Room

                    She flipped her student loan money into a business loan